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Your Trusted Car Maintenance Team in Harrisburg, PA

When your vehicle is properly maintained and regularly serviced, you’re protecting the investment you made when you purchased it. Regular maintenance ensures the vehicle lasts as long as possible and makes every mile you drive it over the years safer and more dependable. Your car’s owner’s manual is meant to be taken seriously, and with a little help from All Tune & Lube Harrisburg in Harrisburg, PA, we ensure that the recommended maintenance schedules are performed on your vehicle for a more enjoyable drive.

Count on Us

We believe that preventative maintenance is always easier and less expensive than major repairs. Depending on your vehicle, there are recommended mileage intervals to perform certain repairs, inspections, and replacements. Using those intervals for a complete car tune-up and inspection on other systems is a great way to catch problems before they occur. If you’re not sure what maintenance your car needs or at what mileage intervals you should visit us, give us a call and talk to our technicians about the specific make and model of your vehicle and the recommended care. In addition to quality service, we only use top brand products like Bosch™ batteries at affordable prices well below dealership costs.

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