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Auto A/C and Heating Repair Services

Are you feeling uncomfortably hot in the summer after leaving your car out in the sun? Or, if winter is coming, you need to stay warm while driving in cold conditions. All Tune & Lube Harrisburg can help! We do all air conditioning and heating repairs, maintenance, and replacements because we believe driving in comfort is just as important as driving safely each and every day. We offer free estimates and can provide a complete tune-up to inspect other parts of your car when you visit us for A/C repair services in Harrisburg, PA.

Common A/C Problem Signs and Symptoms

There are a variety of signs that indicate your vehicle probably needs air conditioning repairs or maintenance. First, the obvious problem is when no cool air comes through the vents. In the summertime, a locked car heats up quickly and makes for an uncomfortable ride when you get back inside or sit through a long road trip. Next, if the airflow coming from your air-conditioner is still cold but blows weakly and inefficiently, that may be another sign to come see All Tune & Lube Harrisburg. Third, if you see any moisture around the compressor, this is an indication that your air conditioning unit is not functioning correctly, so you should come in for a tune-up. Finally, if you smell a strange odor coming through the vents, even if the air is cool, come into our service center right away to have the system inspected for leaks or other problems creating the smell.

What to Expect

When you visit our service center, our professional staff will greet you. We’ll examine several different components to understand where the issue lies and give you the most accurate estimate possible on any repairs or replacements needed for either the air conditioning system or heating system. Our team will take a look at the compressor, belt, thermal expansion valve, condenser, receiver and dryer, and levels of refrigerant solution.

Our trained technicians will be able to pinpoint the exact issue causing your heating or air conditioning problem or identify any potential problems that are worth fixing now. After all, we believe that preventative maintenance is the best way to take care of your vehicle. Regular maintenance helps you avoid expensive, uncomfortable, or even dangerous problems ahead of time so that you never have to actually experience the inconvenience of a major breakdown.

Repairs or Replacement

Once our team has identified the problem, we pursue either repairs or replacements of the system or individual parts. Sometimes, simply repairing or replacing the compressor or finding a new belt will solve the problem at a much lower cost than installing a new heating or cooling system. Our team will discuss the options with you and always look for ways to make your car repairs faster and more affordable. We only do what’s necessary to get you back on the road safely and comfortably all year round.

Drive in for a Free Estimate Today!