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Transmission Services for Smooth Driving

For the manual-transmission enthusiast, no advancement in technology will change the sheer joy and sense of control that comes from driving a manual transmission vehicle. Fewer service centers offer this kind of service in a world of automatic SUVs, trucks, and foreign sports cars.

If you have an older collector’s vehicle or simply love your stick shift car, you’ve come to the right place. All Tune & Lube Harrisburg loves manual transmission vehicles, too! Our Harrisburg, PA, team can service transmissions and clutches on foreign and domestic makes and models for all vehicles regardless of their age. We offer free estimates, so it’s never a bad idea to come see us about your transmission or stick shift, especially if you notice that shifting gears has felt a bit rough or sticky recently.

When to See Us

Regular use of your vehicle is enough to slowly put a strain on the transmission or clutch in a manual stick shift car. The speed of wear will increase if you’re using your vehicle for pulling and towing or sitting in stop-and-go traffic often. Any major temperature swings can also impact your transmission by causing cracks and leaks in the rubber front seal. Regular tune-ups from All Tune & Lube will help manage all of these factors and include any small repairs.

Sometimes, you may need repairs in between tune-ups. It’s a good idea to have us check your vehicle for transmission or clutch problems if you notice a change in engine speed even when you aren’t accelerating aggressively, a change in engine power when driving normally or towing, or a change in the height of the clutch pedal that forces you to push down more than usual to engage the clutch. All of these signs could mean premature wear on your vehicle, so come see us for a free estimate.

Our Transmission Repair Services

Our transmission repair services cover both sealing problems and structural issues. Transmission sealing problems can also occur in automatic transmission vehicles and cause low fluid levels with the automatic transmission structure. The front seal usually keeps the liquid inside and is located where the torque converter mounts to the transmission case. Because it’s made of rubber, like a windshield wiper blade, time and temperature can eventually cause it to dry out, warp, or crack, which breaks the seal and allows fluid to leak out. Our team can test for leaks and replace your old rubber seal with a tightly fitting new front seal to stop the loss of transmission fluid.

Structural problems that our team can also address include slipping gears, rough shifting, any noticeable change in driving from your normal pedal height, responsiveness, and smoothness. To fix these kinds of issues, we replace transmission fluid, replace structural failures in the transmission mechanism, and test the system for overworked and damaged parts.

Drive in for a Free Estimate Today!